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How to Top Dochis

Begin to top dochis as soon as tray start coming out. Please topped doughnuts in a timely fashion while doing QC (quality control).  For certain flavors, donuts would need to be topped while hot, such as Choco churro and any glazed donuts will need to be topped when the donuts are cooled. 

The average time to finishing topping will take: 

  1. Simple topping should take about 3 mins 

  2. Average tray should take 6 mins 

  3. Multi-step toppings should take about 7-9 mins

1. Grab a tray of donuts.

2.  QC the tray; observe for any misshapen or blemished donuts, remove and replace.

3.  Flip all donuts so that they are facing down. Depending on how your topping station is set up, for efficiency, stack donuts so that when you dip, the donuts are easy to grab and in close proximity to chocolate tin. 

4.  Stir the chocolate in the warmer to make sure its smooth and ready to dip. Dip ⅓ of the depth of the donut into melted almond bark.

Tips & Tricks:

i.  Shake off excess chocolate thoroughly.

ii.  Lightly bounce the donut in your hand to make the chocolate on the donut look smooth.

5.  Place dipped donuts back on tray until you have enough donuts that you can top before the chocolate dried out. You may dip and top donuts simultaneously.

Tips & Tricks:

i.  Topping: Drop ingredients in a circular motion onto the donut.

ii.  Glazing: Hold the glaze bottle with both hands. Move from one end of the tray to the other in stead motions. 

6.  Repeat steps 1-6 until entire tray is finished.

7.  Place finished trays on a separate rolling sheet pan rack to let it dry. 

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